Alert!!! toxic to pets:

Alert! toxic to Pets


This one may be in the US, BUT they’re probably everywhere!
PET OWNERS ALERT: Yesterday, we almost lost Angel. She had hopped up on the bathroom sink to play in the tap water. On the side of the sink was an automatic (hands free) dispenser for Lysol Antibacterial hand soap. As she went past it, it must have discharged on her fur. I saw it, but thought it was a wet spot from playing in the water.

A few hours later, I picked Angel up, and noticed the vanilla scent of the hand soap in her fur. She had licked the area clean. We watched her and noticed she was very subdued, not her usual self.

I went downstairs and got on line, looking up the soap. At first I didn’t find too m uch. I called the vet, who had no openings, and suggested we take her to Emergency, or call poison control. I called poison control, who had very little information, and then called Emergency. Emergency said they had found very little info, and maybe the Animal poison control line might know more.

I took the bottle to the computer and typed in the active ingredient in the soap..The active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride 0.1%…the Google results showed it is highly toxic to cats. The vet hospital on Baker Drive had someone there and we took her in right away. By the time we got there, she was very lethargic and shivering uncontrollably. She had a very high fever and elevated white cell count. She was given IV fluids, pain relief, Sulcrate to coat her stomach, and meds to bring down her temp. At 11 PM, even with room temp IV fluids, she had an even higher fever that took all night and most of today to get back to normal. She has chemical burn on one nostril, and has to stay on antibiotics and Sulcrate for 10 days. The vet bill for this tragic happening was, as you can imagine, high. It was weekend, after hours, over night,IV, blood work, etc.

These Lysol Hands free dispensers are not safe around animals or children. I can not understand how products can be sold that have toxic chemicals as their active ingredient. Angel is not out of the woods, yet, and will have to be closely watched for the next week or so.



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Summer is Here!

Spring has sprung and summer is here at Missouri Primate foundation.  As we greet old Primate and Apes here  into their summer homes. Connie and her staff also welcome new residents  Two Ring-tailed Lemurs  Gizmo the male and Lily the female, neutered and spayed, these former pets are now  living the good life in the care of Mo. Primate Foundation.
Summer tours can be booked for visits with groups of 10 and under. Tours start  at $200.00 and must be booked a week in advance.   All money goes directly to the care of the animals here.  You can also sponsor your favorite  primate or Ape!!!

give a call:  636-931-8411

The End Lemur style



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This Sunday, May 18th:

Come Join Missouri Primate Foundation,  The Rainbow Ranch ProjectHead to Tails Pet Supply and Bearded Dragon Rescue  at Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic’s Open House.   Tour the facilities and see how they operate, learn about Missouri’s wildlife. BBQ, Raffles, baskets, kids games, photos, And the new Bird and Critter bar from Shelter Alliance all to benefit the animals we share the Planet with.

From 1:00p.m. till 5:00p.m.

Family Friendly – all ages welcome!!!

Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic

1864 Little Brennan Road

High Ridge, Missouri 63049

(636) 677-3670



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